California Drought Update (and How You Can Take Advantage of it by Drilling a Well)

California Drought Update

For the past seven years, California has experienced a series of droughts, severely limiting water usage. However, Californians can rest easy now, since sources report that California is finally drought-free.

This article will explain how Californians can fully take advantage of the state’s change in weather, by enlisting the help of a skilled water surveyor to choose the right location for a well that can withstand future droughts. By doing so, property owners can properly prepare for the future.

The Good News About California’s Drought

The good news is that the drought that Californians have had to deal with for the past seven year may finally be over. The state has experienced rain and snow, something that has been rare in recent years. In fact, as sources report, in March of 2019, only 7 percent of California faced severely dry weather conditions. This is in contrast with a year prior, when upwards of 89 percent of California was plagued by severe dryness and drought.

Furthermore, throughout 2019, stormy weather has left lakes, rivers, and reservoirs full of usable water. In fact, water reservoirs across the state were filled with a total of nearly 580 billion gallons of water in the month of January alone. This is great news, especially if the trend continues in future years, something Californians can only hope for.

Still, this does not change the fact that California is a desert state, and so a drought could happen again at any time. Because of this, Californians should take active measures to ensure they are prepared for any future droughts.

Preparing for Future Droughts with a Reliable Well

Californians know their state, and so they know that it is almost inevitable that a drought will happen again sometime in the future. Whether it is a year from now, or even further away in the future, it is important to be prepared for the worst.

By drilling a well, Californians can prepare for future droughts—an inevitable future occurrence—by having a reliable and deep supply of water ready on their property.

How a Water Surveyor Helps You Find the Best Spot for Drilling a Well

Expert water surveyor companies, such as American Water Surveyors, help Californians take advantage of the recent change in weather conditions that the state has seen. Using advanced, non-invasive technology, American Water Surveyors determine which spot is the best for the well. Before the drilling even begins, American Water Surveyors will locate the spot with the best overall groundwater depths, yields, and suitability. By doing so, they ensure that Californians get the most out of their well, even through years of dry spells.

Rather than drilling a well only to find out that the location is not the best, American Water Surveyors determines the ideal location before anything else is done, saving Californians from needless expenses such as test holes and experimental drilling. What’s more, they handle the drilling process for an affordable price, and guarantee that the job is done well.

So, Californians should look to the future and contact American Water Surveyors today to get started on a well they can rely on.