Droughts are common in many places in the world and the United States is no exception, especially in locations where underground aquifers are only resupplied through rainwater. This can lead to unreliable water access in some homes or businesses. However, there are ways you can drought-proof a well more reliably to ensure that you always have access to the water you need on your property.

How Droughts Affect Wells

Droughts are most common throughout the summer months in mainly southern states across the US, although they can affect almost anywhere if the weather conditions are dry enough for a long period of time. Wells that are dug on properties are at their basics, deep tunnels dug straight down into the ground that are used to gain access to aquifers. In some locations, the well only needs to be 150 feet deep to access an aquifer that supplies enough water for a home all year round. In other locations the well must be dug in excess of 450 feet. The amount of water that the well needs to supply also will affect how drought-proof they are; a shallow well may be good enough if the amount of water that gets pumped out of it is very little in comparison to the size of the aquifer.

How Well Depth Matters in Droughts

Shallow aquifers are cheaper to access, however they are much more susceptible to droughts, especially if their main source of water is only rainwater. When you have to pay by the foot for well drilling, many choose to only go for the shallow aquifer, but may end up regretting that choice the first time they run out of water during a drought. While not the only way to ensure you are drought-proof, deeper wells are often much more protected from drought conditions on the surface, as they may be supplied by more than just rainwater. The issue, however, is finding those deep aquifers reliably so that you only need to drill once to get access to one.

Using Water Finding Technology from American Water Surveyors to Protect from Droughts

The best way to guarantee you find an aquifer that is sufficiently drought-proof for the amount of water you need is to use water finding technology, such are the tech used by American Water Surveyors. Through EKS technology, we perform a survey on your property to determine the best location to drill a well that has the capacity to supply the water that the property owner requires, even through a drought. Once the data has been collected through the water survey, we analyze it and give a full report on the water underground at the survey site; not only the location, but also depth and yield capacity of the aquifer. Knowing everything you can about a water source and how much it can support means you’ll be able to drill confidently, knowing that the well you dig will be able to meet your requirements.

American Water Surveyors is your best choice for finding a reliable and drought-proof water source on your property. Contact us today. Click here to learn more.