Our book and DVD are helping people drill water wells better and for less. Here are four reasons why you should order them before you start drilling.

Drilling of any kind is an elaborate and potentially risky endeavor. With water wells in particular, those who don’t understand how to find water, or the well drilling industry, can end up paying thousands for nothing, or endangering themselves in the process. This is part of the reason why we here at American Water Surveyors offer both the What You Should Know Before You Drill a Well book and the DVD Water Well Basics: How a Water Well is Drilled. These two resources are loaded with information to help you. Here are four reasons why you should get these resources.

  1. Learn the Basics

While drilling and water finding are both very complicated and potentially dangerous endeavors, learning the basics is essential for anyone who uses well water. In learning about the industry, you can discover the process by which to find and create safe water supplies across the US. Knowing this helps you select a water finding and drilling company that puts safety first, and that listens to your needs.

The book was written by the founder of American Water Surveyors and the DVD was created by the American Groundwater Trust. The book will walk you through the important parts of water well drilling and creation. You will learn terminology and the basics of how it all works, from start to finish.

  1. Empower Yourself

Armed with the basics, you will have the knowledge to properly select the professionals who will help you find and drill your water well. This puts you in charge of your water supply, rather than blindly trusting the people and the process. As with any purchase, when you know more about the product, you are able to make a better decision for yourself.

  1. Save Money

At the end of the day, the knowledge you will gain from this book and DVD will help you save money. Many well drilling companies charge by the foot, not whether you find water, and these resources will teach you how to find sustainable water supplies before you call the drilling company. That means less time in exploratory drilling and less money spent on failed attempts.

  1. Find a Sustainable Alternative

Many people who choose well water as their water source do so because they want a sustainable alternative to their current water solution. This could be bottled water, which is harmful to the environment, or trucking in water, which is financially unsustainable for many people living away from a municipal water supply.

When it comes to drilling of any kind, you always need to take precautionary measures before you start. In the case of water wells, however, you must do more than ensure you are drilling safely. You should also know what you are doing and how to save time and effort in your well water drilling. That is why we offer both the What You Should Know Before You Drill a Well book and the DVD Water Well Basics: How a Water Well is Drilled. Combined, these resources can help you familiarize yourself with water well drilling, the processes involved and any expertise or tools you will need to find a reliable source of water. Designed for property owners and developers alike, if you are new to well drilling, the book and DVD will help.