No matter the type of property you’re running in a rural area, whether its residential, a golf course, or a farm, if you need a source of water and don’t have access to municipal water, then it pays to get yourself a water finding service. Most water in rural areas is supplied through ground water, often in the form of reliable aquifers. You may have a new development you are working on, which means you’ll need a well dug to supply water for your property; or you may have an old well that has dried up. Whatever the reason you need water, just drilling and hoping to find it can be a costly endeavour that wastes a large amount of time and money. So why leave the chance of finding water down to just a guess when you can take advantage of water finding services from American Water Surveyors?

Our Water Finding Services

Our water finding services use the latest in scientific methods to not only find water on your property, but also determine groundwater depths and yields without having to drill test wells. When you call us and set up an appointment for our team to come out, we’ll bring our survey equipment and find you a good place to drill a well that can last for years.

Our equipment includes tools like the GF3500 seismoelectric survey instrument. The GF3500 is a device that is capable of transmitting seismoelectric pulses through the earth, which then reflect back and are sent to the machine’s console for our team to interpret and determine if a location has a suitable water source. Once all the data is crunched, our surveyors can determine if the location has a water source suitable enough for you to drill a viable well.

How Water Finding Services Save You Money

When it comes to finding water on a property, you can’t just dig anywhere and hit gold (or in this case, water). Aquifers can be anywhere, but not everywhere. When you decide you need a well drilled, if you call a well driller, they will come out and if you haven’t used a water finding service beforehand, the drillers will use their best judgement of the lay of the land, location of creeks, rivers, etc. to make an educated guess as to where they can drill to find water. But that is all it is, an educated guess, and a costly one at that. Well drilling costs you by the foot in most cases, whether or not they find water. So, if you need to end up drilling three or four well holes before they find a suitable source of water, your wallet is going to be hurting. Using a water diviner with a dowsing rod is going to be even less reliable.

This is why it’s important to call a water finding service before you start drilling; you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Find out how American Water Surveyors can save you money while finding water by contacting us today at or visiting our website.