How We Do It

We use two separate (but connected) methods for surveying a site when we are approached by a client. These tests allow us to receive the most amount of data and the most accurate data from each site, ensuring that you never drill a well without knowing if there’s water or not.

The First Method

After a data collection spot is chosen, we here at American Water Surveyors begin the first method of surveying for water. This involves driving a series of electrodes into the ground about three feet deep. The electrodes act as antennas for detecting water and are an essential part of the process. After cables are attached to the electrodes, one of our surveyors strikes a steel plate on the ground with a special mallet, in order to collect data from the impact. We then drill a deep hole in the ground where the steel plate was struck.

The Second Method

Now that the first method has been completed, we are prepared to move on to the next. This involves using a special device to insert a blank round into the drilled hole and fire it. Since the impact of the blank shot creates energy that the antennas can detect if the energy passes through water, we can determine whether or not the testing site is water bearing or not.

Repeat Both Methods

In order to get the most accurate results possible, American Water Surveyors repeat both methods over and over again at the test site.

Analysis and Report

After performing the two connected testing methods, our computer gives us a data graph which reveals whether or not there is water at the test site, as well as what the depths are at that particular location. The data we receive from these tests is then analyzed at the office, so that we can provide the client with a full report.

Why What We Do Works Best

By performing repeated and thorough tests at the client’s selected test site, we ensure that our clients never drill a well blind. Our detailed and accurate data collection allows our clients to make an informed decision about whether or not they want to dig a well at that particular site. This means that not only do our clients never get poor results, but they actually get the best results possible, every time. Our results show the location, depth, and yield of the water source so you can call in the drillers with confidence, knowing they will not drill (and make you pay for) a dry well.