Droughts in America are becoming more common, leaving people with water access issues. Here’s what you need to know and how to ensure that you have a reliable water source, even during droughts.

A Growing Problem

The 2010s saw some of the worst droughts in America since the Dust Bowl days that plagued the country during the Great Depression. New Mexico experienced the worst drought in nearly a century in 2011. Many people across the United States still remember 2012, when a dry winter and spring led to poor harvests and worries of food security across the country. As recently as 2018, the United States saw the worst rate of drought in four years.

Most people do not understand the impact of a drought right away, and many others can be detached from its direct effects. After all, most water shortages only directly affect urban dwellers by limiting how much they can water their lawns. The effects, however, reach everything: from what you can find at the grocery store (and for how much) to the availability of water in places not connected to a municipal water system.

Looking for Solutions

Droughts throughout the 2010s caused water shortages across the United States. Faced with increased costs for trucking in water, many people had to look for affordable and cost-effective solutions. For many, that solution was well water from a reliable source. Not only can underground water supplies be more resilient against drought and water shortages, they can be completely under your control. That way, you don’t need to compete for the water or worry about its status. You simply have water when you need it.

A Deep Well is a Reliable Well

Finding well water can be difficult even in times of rainfall, so it is important to ensure that your well water source is one that will last longer than a season. To do so, many people are turning to professional water survey companies that specialize in finding well water sources hidden deep underground. Non-invasive technology uses seismoelectric currents that pulses the ground. An expert can then parse out the readings to understand where water is located and even assess its viability as a water source. Once a source has been found, you can start digging, which means you can find water easily before putting shovels in the ground. Since drillers get paid by the foot and can’t always tell if the water source is deep and viable enough to last through a drought, having a water survey done first ultimately saves time and money.

Take Charge of Your Water Supply

As extreme weather and changing climates affect weather both North America and overseas, the rate and common areas of drought are bound to change. That is why so many people feel the need prepare for any problems with water levels and water access. The best solution remains a well tapped into a reliable source that can withstand a drought.

If you are looking for a reliable source of water located on your property, be sure to contact American Water Surveyors. We use the latest in seismoelectric equipment to search for water deep underneath your property, finding and assessing water surfaces before you dig. This means you can have a well that will last you through a drought, while over the long term, saving money. Contact us today to learn more about how we find water all across America.